Free Fiction Friday 3: Intervention Part Two (A Naruto Fanfiction)

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Welcome to week three of!

This week I am continuing the M/M/M polyamory story I posted last week (Intervention Part One (A Naruto Fanfiction)). If you haven’t read last week’s post yet, go ahead and click that link to see if you’re interested in reading, and start with that part!

This is part Two. There will be one or more parts, depending on if I decide to split the last 2,500 words.

Categories and advisories for this section: M/M/M makeouts, M/M/M threesome, polyamory, oral sex, unprotected oral sex (worth noting this is a fantasy world and I have my own headcanon for how unprotected sex can be a minimal risk for these ninjas, but I didn’t get into it in the story)

Potentially new terms: hitai-ate is the headband that ninja wear to protect their foreheads and show the symbol of allegiance to their village. 

Disclaimer: Naruto, the world, and characters, belong to Masashi Kishimoto and I made no profit from the writing or posting of this piece.

Please also note I wrote this two and a half years ago, and have greatly improved in my writing skills since. However, I decided to leave it as is for now rather than give it an overhaul. 

I’ve included the part immediately preceding Part Two for memory jogging purposes. I hope you enjoy this second part of Intervention.

“We like you, Iruka.” Kakashi said simply.


It was Iruka’s turn to choke on his drink, and after a short coughing fit, his eyes flitted between Kakashi and Yamato. There was no mistaking what Kakashi had said, but Iruka still couldn’t help but ask, “What?”


Yamato nodded. “It’s true. We like you, and we have been trying to figure out how you felt about each of us…” he cleared his throat. “We want to be with you, we just didn’t know how to approach you about it.”


“It’s not like it’s common for a couple to ask someone else to join them,” Kakashi added. “We didn’t want to make it seem like we were just picking you up, that you were easy or anything. That’s why we haven’t told anyone yet. We were… hoping you would want to be with us, and then we could go public all at once, together.”


Iruka was rendered speechless for a few moments, his mind reeling with the idea. Both Kakashi and Yamato looked at him with concern before he was finally able to speak. All that he managed to croak out was, “Seriously?”

“Yes,” the other two men said in unison.


“Well… wow,” Iruka said. He shook his head in an attempt to clear it. This felt like a dream, like his deepest fantasy being fulfilled… when he didn’t wake up, he realized that yes, it was real. This was truly happening.


“Wow. Um. Sorry. Just trying to wrap my head around this. I don’t know what I expected when I invited you here but it certainly wasn’t this.”


Then he realized that he hadn’t told the other men how he felt about them. He wasn’t ready to make a full blown confession of love, but he did want to tell them something of how he felt.


“I… I like you too. Both of you,” he clarified, looking back and forth between the two men and smiling. “I have for a long time. I just… once I realized it, I thought it was too late because I thought you were together.” He reached across the table and took one of Yamato and Kakashi’s hands each in his own. This was amazing. The two men who he was in love with cared about him too, and wanted to be with him.


Kakashi’s single visible eye lit up, and Yamato beamed. They gripped his hands tightly, and the three sat in silence for a few moments, just grinning at each other.


“So, would you like to go on a date with us, then?” Yamato asked.


“I’d really like that,” Iruka said, then paused. As much as he wanted to go out with the two men of his dreams, there was something that he wanted just as much, if not more. Something that he had fantasized about for ages. He had been waiting too long for this, so he took the plunge.


Iruka stood up, leaned forward, and planted a kiss firmly on Yamato’s lips. He only lingered there long enough to suck the bottom lip into his mouth and nibble at it, earning himself a surprised but pleased moan from Yamato. Then he pulled back, and pressed his mouth against Kakashi’s, which was covered by the ever-present mask. Iruka grumbled at the lack of skin on skin contact, and threw caution to the winds, pulling down the mask and claiming Kakashi’s lips with his own once more. A few seconds later, he felt a second pair of lips on his neck – Yamato’s. That, along with the eagerness with which Kakashi was returning his kiss, made Iruka realize that no, he hadn’t been too bold, and solidified the fact that yes, both of these men wanted him.


Iruka couldn’t have said how long they spent leaning over the table, taking turns in exchanging insanely arousing kisses and nibbles to necks. But there came a point where his back was aching from the position, and cock was straining in his pants, begging for attention, so he finally pulled back. He stood up straight, licked his lips, and caught his breath.


“About that date…” he said, then grinned. “Want to hold off on it for a bit and go to the bedroom first?”


Yamato’s eyes widened and Kakashi smiled, giving Iruka a chance to actually get a good look at the man’s stunningly handsome face for the first time.


“Sounds good,” Kakashi said, and Yamato nodded.


Iruka was grinning from ear to ear and he released their hands, walked around the table, grabbed each man by the hand again, and led them to his bedroom. This was real, he told himself. He was about to have sex with Kakashi and Yamato. How exactly the mechanics would work, he wasn’t quite sure… all Iruka knew was that he wanted them… and they wanted him.


The moment the three men entered the bedroom, Iruka turned and grabbed both Kakashi and Yamato by the collars of their flak jackets, finding the zipper pulls and attempting to undress both men at once. He made a frustrated noise when it proved difficult, and Kakashi laughed.


“Didn’t expect you to be so eager right away,” Kakashi said, and gently removed Iruka’s hand from his jacket, divesting himself of the offending item of clothing. He pulled off his shirt, mask, and hitai-ate and let them fall to the floor.


Iruka’s eyes swept up and down Kakashi’s torso, toned, pale, and marred by the occasional scar, and licked his lips, before finding words. “I told you. I like you both. And you like me. So why wait? Now take off your pants.” His words were met with another laugh from Kakashi but no protest from either of the other two men.


Iruka unceremoniously pulled off his own jacket, hitai-ate, and shirt, before looking over at Yamato, who had already done the same. Iruka nearly groaned when he saw that Yamato, like Kakashi, was as gorgeous without a shirt as he had imagined.


And then the pants came off. Forgetting for the moment that he was still hard and trapped in his own pants, Iruka couldn’t help but look from Yamato to Kakashi and then back again. He had to swallow hard to keep from drooling when he got a good eyeful of the other men’s cocks, both standing at attention and looking utterly delectable. Yamato’s was a bit thicker, and Kakashi’s a bit longer, and Iruka thought that both were perfect.


Realizing that he had been staring rather than removing the remainder of his own clothes, Iruka laughed at himself and shucked his pants.


And then he stood there, hard, horny, and yet not sure what to do next. There were so many options from his fantasies that he could have chosen from, and yet his mind had ground to a halt.


The other men came to the rescue, Kakashi closing the distance between himself and Iruka, and Yamato pressing himself flush against Iruka’s back, holding him by the hips. Kakashi’s lips met Iruka’s, and his hand played over Iruka’s chest and abs. Yamato kissed the back of Iruka’s neck, and the man in the middle moaned into Kakashi’s mouth at the feel of Kakashi’s cock hard against his own, and Yamato’s pressing at the cleft of his ass.


“Can I take this out?” Yamato asked quietly, touching Iruka’s hair band.


“Yeah,” Iruka said in a gasp, as Kakashi had chosen that moment to pull his mouth off of Iruka’s to suck one nipple into his mouth.


Yamato gently removed the hair band, freeing Iruka’s chocolate locks. He ran his fingers through the thick hair and nuzzled behind Iruka’s ear. “Smells good,” Yamato said, and dropped another kiss just where Iruka’s jaw line began. Iruka let out a pleased hum, and then suddenly his front side suddenly felt cool, bereft of the warmth coming from Kakashi. He looked down.


Kakashi had dropped to his knees and his mismatched eyes locked on Iruka’s. Iruka sucked in a breath when the man wrapped his lips around the head of Iruka’s cock, swirled his tongue around the tip, and then sucked. A surge of pleasure went straight through Iruka, and he fisted his hands in Kakashi’s hair, needing to hold on to something to keep his sanity. Kakashi let out a pleased hum, taking more of Iruka’s length into his mouth. Iruka could barely restrain himself from thrusting into that wet heat, and Yamato, probably realizing this, held Iruka’s hips tighter while continuing to suck and nibble at his neck. And so Iruka was trapped between the two men who were intent on making him feel amazing. Kakashi added his hand to the mix, rolling Iruka’s balls between his fingers, making the other man groan. Yamato released one of Iruka’s hips and began toying with a pert nipple, and Iruka found himself gasping for air, his head lolling back onto Yamato’s shoulder. He was getting lost in the feel of what these two men were doing to him. Kakashi’s talented mouth working over his cock, combined with Yamato’s lips, teeth and tongue, and both men’s hands, were driving him wild and he was turning into a being of pure need.


Iruka was able to scrabble together enough brain cells to recognize that if they kept going on like this for much longer, he would lose it right there. But he didn’t want to come just from this. They hadn’t even made it to the bed, and he wanted to make Yamato and Kakashi feel just as good as they were making him feel. So, despite how much he was enjoying the current assault, Iruka released Kakashi’s hair and managed to say, “Please… stop…”


Yamato’s lips left his neck, but Iruka still felt the breath hot against his saliva-slicked skin. Kakashi pulled back, releasing Iruka’s erection with a slick pop. A thin strand of saliva joined his mouth and Iruka’s cock, and broke when Kakashi sat back on his heels. He wiped his mouth with the back of the hand that had been playing with Iruka’s balls, and looked up at Iruka quizzically, the heat of arousal and want still in his eyes.


“Don’t want to stop everything,” Iruka explained. “Just… want to make you both feel good too. Lie down?” he said, more of a question than a command, gesturing to the bed.

To be Continued…

I hope you enjoyed this next part of Intervention! I’m not trying to be a tease leaving off here, but it’s too long to post all at once. I will be posting the next part next Friday. Leave a comment here if you’d like. I greatly appreciate feedback!

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