Free Fiction Friday 5: Intervention Part Four (A Naruto Fanfiction)

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Welcome to week five of!


This week I am completing the M/M/M erotic polyamory story I have been posting the last three weeks (Intervention Part One (A Naruto Fanfiction)Intervention Part Two (A Naruto Fanfiction), and Intervention Part Three (A Naruto Fanfiction)). Do catch up if you missed any parts!


I hope you’ve enjoyed the ride.


Categories and advisories for this section: M/M/M threesome, polyamory, anal sex, unprotected sex (worth noting this is a fantasy world and I have my own headcanon for how unprotected sex can be a minimal risk for these ninjas, but I didn’t get into it in the story)


Potentially new terms: None this time. (Yup, another whole 1,200+ words with no Naruto-specific terms!)


Disclaimer: Naruto, the world, and characters, belong to Masashi Kishimoto and I made no profit from the writing or posting of this piece.


Please also note I wrote this two and a half years ago, and have greatly improved in my writing skills since. However, I decided to leave it as is for now rather than give it an overhaul. 


I’ve included the snippet immediately preceding this part for memory jogging purposes. I hope you enjoy the fourth and final part of Intervention.



Yamato was the first to take action. He crawled past the others and rested on his elbows and knees perpendicular to the head of the bed. “You prepare me, and we’ll both be on the bed. Kakashi will be standing behind you.”


The image made Iruka lose another bit of his sanity, and he gulped, nodding. The fact that Kakashi and Yamato had fantasized about this, had planned it out, made it feel so right.


Kakashi climbed off the bed, and Iruka positioned himself behind Yamato, kneeling. He uncapped the lube and applied a liberal amount to two fingers before dropping the bottle to the bed. Looking at Yamato spread open before him, waiting, trusting, made him want to tease, to taste. But even more than that, he longed to be inside the other man, and he knew that his lovers didn’t want to wait. So he held Yamato by the hip with his dry hand and pushed one slick finger into the other man, who hummed in approval. As he worked the lube around, Iruka searched and found that little gland that he knew would bring Yamato more pleasure. He stroked it with his fingertip, and reveled in the sounds that Yamato made in response.


“Mmmm, yes,” Yamato hissed. “Another… please…”


Iruka complied and added a second finger to stretch Yamato further. It wasn’t long before the man spoke again.


“’Ruka… take me.”


Iruka grabbed the lube and slicked up his cock before pausing. “What about you?” he asked, turning his head to Kakashi, who had been watching them all the while.


“I’ll prepare you when you’re in him,” Kakashi said, sounding as if he were having difficulty holding on to control.


Iruka nodded wordlessly, turned back to Yamato, and lined himself up. Yamato’s head was turned and he was looking into Iruka’s eyes as Iruka pushed into him slowly. Both men groaned and Iruka was nearly dizzy with just how tight and hot Yamato was. He curled over Yamato’s back, bracing himself on the bed with his arms. He wanted to thrust hard and fast, but was interrupted by Kakashi.


“You two are gorgeous like that. Stay there, for just a moment… and I’ll join you.”


Iruka whimpered and bit his lip. The tone in Kakashi’s voice was so erotic, and he wanted to be filled with Kakashi’s cock now, not in “just a moment”. To distract himself from that, and the desire to move, he lifted a hand from the bed to pinch and tease one of Yamato’s nipples. It hardened almost immediately and Yamato moaned.


It was then that Kakashi pushed a lubed finger into Iruka’s entrance. Iruka’s breath faltered briefly, and a second finger soon joined the first. Both brushed over his prostate in a tease that made Iruka moan, before withdrawing. He heard the sound of Kakashi coating his own cock with lube, and then felt the head against his entrance. A strangled sound that Iruka had never heard himself make escaped him as Kakashi buried himself fully in Iruka.


“Oh gods,” Iruka gasped. This was like nothing he had ever felt. He had topped, he had bottomed, but never both at once, and never, never, had he imagined just how good it could be. Or how perfect, how right it would feel to be between the two men he loved.


“Yeah,” Kakashi said, sounding a bit breathless.


“Can we move now?” Yamato asked, sounding impatient and needy.


“Yes, please,” Iruka said. He was trapped between them and couldn’t move without Kakashi doing something first.


Kakashi let out a laugh filled with mirth. “Sorry. You just feel so good… was savoring it.” With that, he wiped his wet hand on the sheet, and gripped Iruka by the hips, pulling him out of Yamato slightly. Kakashi drew back from out of Iruka too, and then thrust forward hard, driving Iruka deeper back into Yamato.


“Fuck,” Iruka and Yamato said in unison, then all three men laughed. Iruka was simply delighted. His cock and ass felt amazing, but the affection, need, and happiness that filled the room just amplified every sensation.


Kakashi set the pace, repeating what he had done before, slowly, achingly slowly. At first all Iruka could do was enjoy the feel of both men, but soon he needed more.


“Faster, ’Kashi,” he groaned. “Not going to break.”


“Me neither,” Yamato agreed.


Kakashi growled and complied, picking up the pace and the force behind his thrusts. Soon, all three men were breathing hard and letting out moans and groans of pleasure. Iruka was clinging to tattered threads of his sanity as he was filled, his prostate rubbed against by Kakashi’s cock, and his own cock enveloped in Yamato’s tight ass. He was already dangerously close to his limit, overwhelmed by sensation. Iruka put more weight on his left hand and wrapped his right around Yamato’s cock, stroking in time with the rhythm that Kakashi had set.


“Shit,” Yamato hissed. “Won’t last…”


“Don’t need to,” Iruka gasped. “Want to come… want you both to come with me.”


“’Ruka,” Kakashi said, arousal and tenderness in his voice. He sped up even more. “Come for us.”


And soon, Iruka was right there, so close, teetering at the edge. His hand faltered on Yamato’s cock as his orgasm tore through him. “’Kashi! ’Mato! FUCK!” His hips jerked of their own accord with the successive spurts of his release as he emptied himself into Yamato, and trembled with the aftershocks of his orgasm.


Yamato’s cock pulsed in Iruka’s loosened grip as he also came with a cry. Moments later, Iruka felt the hands on his hips tighten and Kakashi pulsed inside of him, grunting.


They collapsed in a heap, breathing ragged. Kakashi soon pulled out of Iruka and flopped onto his back, legs dangling over the edge of the bed. Iruka pulled out of Yamato and lay next to Kakashi, and Yamato rolled to lie next to them both.


And they just stayed there, not speaking for several minutes, Iruka between his lovers.


His lovers.


He had just had sex with Yamato and Kakashi. Who just earlier that evening had said that they liked him and wanted to be with him. And now… they were lovers. Weren’t they?


“Bed’s too small for the three of us to lay properly,” Kakashi mused, interrupting Iruka’s thoughts. He turned onto his side to face the other two, head propped up on his hand.


“I can grow us all new ones. We’ll need them” Yamato replied, mirroring Kakashi’s movements, and stroked Iruka’s hair. “That is, if that’s what you want, Iruka.”


Iruka grinned, uncertainty easing. “Hell yes,” he said.

Kakashi and Yamato both beamed, and Iruka’s smile widened. He grabbed each man by the back of the neck and kissed first Yamato, then Kakashi. Then Kakashi and Yamato shared their own kiss, with Iruka watching. He let out a happy sigh.


“This is really real, isn’t it?” Iruka asked. “Here I was expecting to be left alone tonight, mourning the fact that the two men I love are with each other rather than with me. But… I really get to have both of you. We all get to have each other.” He smiled.


Kakashi and Yamato exchanged a look, one of what seemed to be surprise and delight. At first, Iruka couldn’t tell why they looked quite so amazed, but then he realized what he had said.

He had said that he loved them.


Iruka wanted to crawl under the sheets and hide. It was far too soon for confessions of love, and he feared that he had made a horrible mistake.


But then Kakashi stroked Iruka’s cheek, and pressed a kiss to his temple. “Love you too, ’Ruka,” he said.


“Love you too,” Yamato echoed, toying with Iruka’s hair once more. “So happy to hear you say that.”


“Ohthankgoodness,” Iruka said in relief. “Yes. I love you both.” He paused, smiling. “Well. Glad that’s all out in the open, then.”


“Speaking of out in the open,” Kakashi said, “I believe you said something earlier about going public about our relationship? I know you were referring to Yamato and myself, but, well, the situation has changed.” He gave both of his lovers a winning smile.


Yamato nodded. “I’d be up for that.”


“Me too,” Iruka said, then wrinkled his nose. “After a shower. I’d rather we came out not smelling of sex with that ‘just fucked’ look.”


“But it’d be the truth,” Kakashi said playfully.


Iruka and Yamato laughed.


“Shower first,” Iruka insisted, and rose shakily to his feet. “It’ll be cramped, but I’m sure we can manage.” He reached out for his lovers, and warm hands gripped each of his before Kakashi and Yamato stood.


By the end of their shower, which was much longer than anticipated, the water had run cold. But none of the three lovers minded, having all been sated once more before they dressed and made the trek to the bar to announce their relationship.

The End

I hope you enjoyed Intervention! I had a lot of fun writing this story, and sharing it with you. Please comment if you’re so inclined. I love feedback! Check back next week for a different story.

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