Free Fiction Friday 8: Why Kakashi Is Always Late (A Naruto Fanfiction) – With Audio Podfic

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We’re up to week eight of! For this week’s post, I’m sharing my very first piece of M/M erotica, written back in 2007. Ah, memories… It is set in the Naruto manga/anime universe and features Iruka ( and Kakashi ( This piece contains no real plot spoilers for the series, and can be understood without knowing anything about the series. All you need to know is that Iruka’s a teacher of young ninja and Kakashi is a leader of a small team of ninja. It’s pretty much pure smut.

There is audio of me reading this fic, here You can listen to it streaming or download it. It’s admittedly not the cleanest recording, and it has some intro material from when I recorded a few years ago for a live audience, but if you like to have stories read to you, check it out! There are a few differences in verbiage between the written and audio versions due to recent edits of the written story.

Categories and advisories: M/M erotica, oral sex, anal sex (both unprotected because they’re a fluid bonded couple – can you tell that despite writing unprotected sex I’m a fan of safer sex practices?), a bit of silliness.

Potentially unfamiliar terms:  Icha-Icha – Kakashi’s favorite book series, which is erotic romance. Sharingan – a magic eye that can do some pretty interesting stuff. Kakashi has one sharingan eye, which he keeps closed when not using it.

Disclaimer: Naruto, the world, and characters, belong to Masashi Kishimoto and I made no profit from the writing or posting of this piece.

And, just a reminder: though hopefully enjoyable, this piece is not indicative of my current writing skills (like I said, first M/M smut fic, written in 2007). I made a few edits before posting it here, though. Among other things, I’ve weeded out the majority of epithets, including all the comparative ones (you don’t want to know how many times I had “the brunet”, “his lover”, “the older man”, “the younger man”, “the chuunin”, and “the jounin” (the last two are ranks)). There is still a third person omniscient perspective, so if you don’t like head-hopping, this may not be your cup of tea. Though, to me and those who have read this before, it’s clear who feels/thinks what…
Anyway, enough disclaimers. If I haven’t scared you away with all of that, I hope you have fun reading!

Iruka’s fingers tangled in Kakashi’s silver hair, breath coming in short gasps.
“Ka..ka..shi..” Iruka groaned, completely at the mercy of the man who was doing such amazing things with his mouth. Kakashi was focusing all his attention on pleasing his lover, sucking hard on Iruka’s erection, tongue alternating between flicking over the tip and teasing along the shaft.

Raising his head but not quite releasing Iruka’s length, he asked, “What? Should I stop?”

The warm breath against wet, sensitive skin made Iruka shiver, and he growled at Kakashi’s teasing, pushing Kakashi’s head back down onto his cock. Kakashi resumed his previous actions and pressed two fingers against the very root of Iruka’s cock, just behind his balls, while continuing to suck and lick at the head. This caused Iruka to tremble and made his breathing grow even more erratic. Kakashi laughed at the reactions, which sent pleasurable vibrations down Iruka’s length. This elicited a moan, which Iruka, embarrassed, attempted to muffle by stuffing a fist into his mouth. Kakashi pulled Iruka’s arm aside gently.


“I want to hear you,” he said after releasing Iruka again. “Don’t hold back.” His voice was soft and caring, but commanding.


Finally, Iruka let go, fully surrendering to the feelings welling up within his body. After a few more moments of delightful torment, he was screaming Kakashi’s name.

“Kakashi!” Iruka’s hips jerked and he came with a guttural groan, his seed spilling into Kakashi’s mouth.

Easily swallowing the come, Kakashi slowly released Iruka’s cock and scooted up to lay beside Iruka in their bed. They kissed, and Iruka could taste himself on Kakashi’s tongue.

“I’m glad I was able to help you relax,” Kakashi said, poking fun at Iruka’s normally uptight exterior.

“I was already plenty relaxed after last night’s sex and sleep. You’re the one who decided to molest me the moment I woke up,” the post-coital man said leisurely, though he was not at all upset to receive a surprise blowjob.

Kakashi played along. “Sorry, since I read Icha-Icha before bed, I had sex dreams and woke up horny. And you’re too cute to resist when you’re sleeping.” He stroked Iruka’s chest.

“Pervert. And I know we’re not done yet.” He smiled and grabbed Kakashi’s erection. Kakashi would need to be satisfied.

“Of course not. And it’s not just for me,” Kakashi said seductively, as though reading the Iruka’s mind. “You want my cock inside of you as much as I want to fuck you until you’re screaming again.”

Iruka blushed, getting aroused once more. Kakashi was the only one who knew that the seemingly straight-laced teacher not only craved frequent sex, but also got turned on by dirty talk. Iruka drew Kakashi close and kissed him hard.

Kakashi chuckled at his eager partner. “You’re up for more already?”

Iruka mutely nodded.

“Can you flip over?”

Iruka did so, propped up on elbows and knees. Kakashi’s long-neglected erection twitched when he saw Iruka so open and ready for him. Quickly grabbing a vial of lubricant from the bedside table, he coated a few fingers with the slick substance. Kakashi gripped one of Iruka’s hips to steady him, and slowly pushed two fingers into his entrance. Iruka moaned as Kakashi stretched him open.

Face nearly buried in the pillow, Iruka managed to groan out, “Need you now.”

Normally, Kakashi preferred to torment Iruka, pleasuring him, but not enough to reach orgasm, until Iruka was begging Kakashi to take him. This time however, Iruka simply looked so gorgeous – face flushed, hair spread out over his back and the pillow – that Kakashi didn’t bother to resist any longer. He ran his tongue up Iruka’s spine, provoking a shiver, before removing his fingers, lubricating his own erection and burying himself deep inside tight heat.

The sensation of being so suddenly filled made Iruka gasp. No matter how often they did this, he was always amazed at how good it felt when Kakashi’s hard length entered him. After giving Iruka a moment to acclimate, the older man began to thrust slowly into Iruka from behind, reveling in the tight heat of the passage surrounding him.

The two men’s bodies moved in harmony, Kakashi’s cock rubbing against Iruka’s prostate with every stroke. Though pleasure filled Kakashi, he knew he would be able to last long enough to make Iruka come first. Kakashi’s endurance as a ninja carried over to his stamina in the bedroom (or in the bath, in the shower, on the floor, over the table, wherever he decided to take Iruka). He enjoyed pleasing Iruka even more than he cared about his own physical gratification. It was just worth it to hear the sounds that came from Iruka, to admire his flushed skin and expressions of ecstasy. The man beneath Kakashi, surrounding him, was simply beautiful. This just made Kakashi want Iruka more, and he began to speed up with his thrusts.

A strangled scream made its way out of Iruka’s throat. Pleasure built within him as Kakashi’s cock pressed against his walls and sweet spot with faster and harder thrusts. He could keep taking it for hours, it felt so amazing, but his body wouldn’t withstand as much sensation as Kakashi could give him. Iruka simply let himself enjoy what Kakashi was doing to make him feel so good.


Kakashi felt Iruka’s relaxation and wrapped an arm around Iruka’s chest to support him. Toying with a hard nipple, Kakashi pressed kisses over Iruka’s exposed back, while continuing to thrust himself repeatedly into the tight body quaking beneath him.

“How do you feel?” Kakashi whispered into Iruka’s ear, trailing his hand down Iruka’s chest and stomach, teasingly close to the erection below.

“Mmm,” purred Iruka, “Touch me… please…” he begged, knowing Kakashi would show him some mercy. He was so close to the edge, all he wanted was for Kakashi to push him over it.

Kakashi obliged and wrapped a strong hand around Iruka’s cock, still wet from their earlier activities. Iruka groaned at the initial contact, but could only whimper and moan when Kakashi sped up the pace of both his strokes and thrusts.


Soon, the combination of friction against his prostate and the stroking of Kakashi’s hand over the head of his erection were too much to bear. He came with a final moan, his semen shooting out onto the sheets and Kakashi’s hand. Kakashi continued to support his lover as the tightening of Iruka’s inner muscles brought him to his peak, his powerful orgasm driving his hips forward and making him come deep inside Iruka.

They remained in that position for several moments, Iruka trembling while being held up by a comforting arm around his chest. Kakashi tenderly kissed Iruka on the back of the neck before pulling out. Helping Iruka relax on his side, Kakashi lay on his back and provided his broad chest as a pillow. Iruka sighed happily as Kakashi stroked his hair with one hand and licked the semen off the other.


“Love you,” Iruka murmured into Kakashi’s chest.

Kakashi smiled, bent forward to kiss Iruka on the forehead, and held him close.

“Love you too, Iruka.” He lay back, closing his right eye, his left having been closed the whole time to avoid using his sharingan.

After a while of just laying nude with Kakashi, the sleepy teacher realized it was probably a good idea to get up and get ready for the day.

“Kakashi? What time is it?” he asked, hoping it was still early enough for him to have adequate time to prepare for school.

“Oh, about seven,” Kakashi replied calmly.


Iruka shot upright and Kakashi opened his normal eye to look at Iruka quizzically. “What’s wrong, Iruka?”

Glaring down at his lazy partner, Iruka spoke with the exasperation of a teacher lecturing a disobedient child for the hundredth time. In fact, that was exactly what he was doing. “First off, I have to be at school at eight. But more importantly, you’re supposed to have been training your team since an hour ago! You do this all the time!”

Unfazed, Kakashi replied, “They can practice together for a while. That’s what teams are for.”

“No, it’s just an excuse for you to be lazy!” Iruka sighed and shoved Kakashi out of their bed, half in annoyance and half because he felt like the other man deserved it. Kakashi fell to the floor with a satisfying thump. “This is why you’re late for everything, even missions. You have no self discipline and no ability to prioritize.” Iruka chided, as he got out of bed, the responsible teacher once more.

Kakashi got up from the floor then stood face to face with Iruka, giving a cheeky grin before pulling on his clothes but still leaving his handsome face bare. “Well, it’s not like it did any harm today. And it’s not out of laziness that I did this. You enjoyed yourself too, I know…”

Iruka, now out of his wanton sexual mindset, didn’t respond and merely blushed.

Kakashi kissed him tenderly and whispered, “See you tonight,” flicking his tongue against Iruka’s earlobe. The still-nude ninja blushed again, and his partner merely left the room with a wave to go meet his team, over an hour late.

The End

I hope you enjoyed this story! Next week, perhaps I’ll post the sequel. Please comment if you have feedback to share! I love feedback!

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