Free Fiction Friday 11: Sleeping Arrangements Part One (A Naruto Fanfiction)

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Welcome to this week’s post for! Today’s story is part one of three or four, and takes place in the same headcanon as the fanfic I posted during the first week ( I wrote this in the world of the anime/manga Naruto several years ago, and it’s been one of my most well-received stories to date, despite some potentially controversial content (underage sex and large age difference between partners – more explanation below). This story features Haku ( and Zabuza ( It is ambiguous in the canon of the series whether the two are lovers, but I like to think they are. This piece contains no major plot spoilers for the series, beyond a bit of Haku’s backstory, and can be understood without knowing the series.

One thing you should know before reading this story is that Haku is not typical for a young teen. In addition to a past that made him grow up very fast out of necessity, he has lived as an adult for years by the main plot of this piece. His accepted role in life is to be Zabuza’s weapon, killing for Zabuza and anyone who employs them. He is old beyond his years, has seen much and done much. And he is the one to initiate sex with Zabuza in this story, and Zabuza does not take unfair advantage of him. I don’t write underage sex lightly, especially when one partner is much older, so I wanted to address this before the story itself. I will understand anyone skipping the next few weeks of my FFF posts if they prefer not to read a relationship between people with this big of an age gap and the younger being fourteen.

Now that’s out of the way…

Naruto, the world, and characters, belong to Masashi Kishimoto and I made no profit from the writing or posting of this piece.


ADVISORIES/CATEGORIES: consensual sex between a 14-year-old young man and 24-year-old man, discussion of puberty, explicit sexual content (oral and anal), somewhat D/s relationship (Master/weapon is the best way to describe their relationship), M/M, mentions of violence.


Potentially unfamiliar terms: shinobi is the word for ninjas in this universe.


I hope you enjoy the first part of Sleeping Arrangements!



Haku and Zabuza had shared a bed for almost as long as they had traveled together.


Zabuza had discovered early on that it was the best way to go about making sure that his weapon and companion was of sound mind. Haku was tormented by frequent nightmares of his past; he dreamed of his father murdering his mother, then himself having to kill the men who were set upon killing him, including his own father. He tossed and turned in the middle of the night, whimpering, then woke up in a cold sweat and crying, upset not just from the dreams but also by the fact that he was weak. He wanted to be strong for Zabuza, to be the perfect weapon… but the memories of his troubled past were still fresh in his mind.


So after a few nights of being awakened by Haku’s sobs, Zabuza invited the boy to crawl into bed with him just before they went to sleep. Haku timidly joined Zabuza under the covers, and found himself wrapped in a strong arm and pulled closer so that he could snuggle up against the broad chest. That night, they both slept soundly.


From then on, that was the status quo. It saved them money when they had to pay to rent rooms, and made it easier for people to house them when they were hired. People probably thought the worst – that Zabuza was taking advantage of Haku – but this was not the case. Their sleeping arrangements were logical, and neither of them found it odd to take comfort in falling asleep and waking up nestled against another warm body. This went on for years.


And then sometime during Haku’s thirteenth year of life, things changed. His first wet dream blindsided him, and he was more than a little embarrassed when he woke to find the mess on his underwear and the sheets. He apologized to Zabuza, who merely laughed, stroked his hair affectionately, and gave Haku “the talk” about puberty. Haku listened quietly to the discussions of physical changes and hygiene. His interest was piqued when Zabuza hesitated when talking about the intricacies of sex. Not only did the older man talk about sex between a man and a woman, but also between two men.


The concept of homosexuality did not seem odd to Haku for some reason. When he mulled it over later, he realized that his appreciation of his companion’s body might be more than just recognition of the older man’s strength and fitness as a shinobi. He had found himself glancing at Zabuza more often lately, practically staring at him, especially when Zabuza was not fully clothed. He didn’t tend to look at others in this way, but his main focus on life was on Zabuza after all. And now his newly awakening sexuality drew him even closer to the man in his thoughts, if not his actions.


A few months after his first wet dream, after he had turned fourteen, Haku could hold back his feelings for Zabuza no longer. He had come to terms with the fact that he was in love with Zabuza, and wanted him badly. So one night, when they got into bed, instead of just snuggling into his companion’s bare chest, Haku changed the routine. He pressed timid kisses to Zabuza’s cheek, jawline, and neck. He traced his fingers over Zabuza’s toned chest, then let his hands rest over the older man’s strongly beating heart. He didn’t really know what he was doing, he just wanted to make the older man feel good, and for his feelings and touches to be returned.


“Haku,” Zabuza said in a low rumble, “Stop.”


Hurt, Haku drew back. “I’m sorry, Zabuza… I just…” he didn’t know what to say, and was afraid that he had made a horrible mistake.


Zabuza turned to face him, and cupped the teen’s cheek in his hand. “Don’t apologize. You didn’t do anything wrong. But do you even realize what you’re doing?”


Haku gulped. “Yes? Maybe? I don’t know.” He buried his head in Zabuza’s chest, embarrassed. He was Zabuza’s weapon, why did he think that a man nearly twice his age would return his affections? Granted, the man had always been kind to him, in his own way, but he had never made any sexual advances. Haku felt foolish.


Letting out a rare laugh, Zabuza stroked Haku’s long hair. “It’s okay. I just don’t want you to do anything you’d regret, and if you kept doing what you were doing, I don’t think I could resist you.”


Haku’s head shot back up, and he looked into Zabuza’s eyes. “You mean… you want to?”


“Want to what?”


Haku had a feeling that Zabuza knew exactly what Haku meant. “Um… you know…” he trailed off, unable to say the words.


“I’m not going to do anything if you can’t even say it, Haku,” Zabuza said, his voice serious.


Taking a deep breath, Haku steeled his nerves. “Do you want to have sex? With me?”


“That’s more like it,” Zabuza said, and rewarded Haku with another pet to his hair. “Yes, I do… but only if you’re sure this is what you really want. You’re only fourteen. And I’m…”

“I may be young but I’ve been your weapon for years. I’m grown up enough,” Haku said, suddenly all seriousness himself. “I want you.”


And, because I’m a tease, I’ll leave off there for this week. I hope you enjoyed the story so far! There is a more to come over the next few weeks. Please leave a comment to tell me what you think!

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