Free Fiction Friday 12: Sleeping Arrangements Part Two (A Naruto Fanfiction)

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Welcome to this week’s post for! Today’s story is part two of three or four, and is a continuation of So if you want to read it (please heed the advisories) and missed last week, start there!

It takes place in the same headcanon as the fanfic I posted during the first week ( I wrote this in the world of the anime/manga Naruto several years ago, and it’s been one of my most well-received stories to date, despite some potentially controversial content (underage sex and large age difference between partners – more explanation below). This story features Haku ( and Zabuza ( It is ambiguous in the canon of the series whether the two are lovers, but I like to think they are. This piece contains no major plot spoilers for the series, beyond a bit of Haku’s backstory, and can be understood without knowing the series.

One thing you should know before reading this story is that Haku is not typical for a young teen. In addition to a past that made him grow up very fast out of necessity, he has lived as an adult for years by the main plot of this piece. His accepted role in life is to be Zabuza’s weapon, killing for Zabuza and anyone who employs them. He is old beyond his years, has seen much and done much. And he is the one to initiate sex with Zabuza in this story, and Zabuza does not take unfair advantage of him. I don’t write underage sex lightly, especially when one partner is much older, so I wanted to address this before the story itself. I will understand anyone skipping the next few weeks of my FFF posts if they prefer not to read a relationship between people with this big of an age gap and the younger being fourteen.

Now that’s out of the way…

Naruto, the world, and characters, belong to Masashi Kishimoto and I made no profit from the writing or posting of this piece.


ADVISORIES/CATEGORIES: consensual sex between a 14-year-old young man and 24-year-old man, discussion of puberty, explicit sexual content (oral and anal), somewhat D/s relationship (Master/weapon is the best way to describe their relationship), M/M, mentions of violence.


Potentially unfamiliar terms: shinobi is the word for ninjas in this universe.


I hope you enjoy part two of Sleeping Arrangements! I started it out with the last bit of the previous part to jog people’s memory if they don’t want to reread the whole previous part but want to get back in the zone.



“I’m not going to do anything if you can’t even say it, Haku,” Zabuza said, his voice serious.


Taking a deep breath, Haku steeled his nerves. “Do you want to have sex? With me?”


“That’s more like it,” Zabuza said, and rewarded Haku with another pet to his hair. “Yes, I do… but only if you’re sure this is what you really want. You’re only fourteen. And I’m…”

“I may be young but I’ve been your weapon for years. I’m grown up enough,” Haku said, suddenly all seriousness himself. “I want you.”

“That’s all I needed to hear,” Zabuza said with a low growl, and leaned over to kiss Haku. It was gentle and soft and everything that Haku could have hoped for. Zabuza led the kiss, licking at Haku’s lips, his tongue requesting entrance. Haku got the signal and opened his mouth, letting the older man’s tongue twine with his own. Zabuza sucked on Haku’s tongue, drawing a moan from the young man. Haku reached out to grip Zabuza’s arm as he kissed back with as much passion as he could, and Zabuza ran his hand down Haku’s side. Both were naked from the waist up, and their chests were touching.


Haku was fully aroused in no time, and he gasped when he felt something hard and hot pressing against his leg. It seemed that Zabuza was just as hard as he was. Haku tentatively reached down under the covers, and palmed Zabuza’s erection, which was only covered by a pair of pajama pants. The older man let out a pleased hum at the touch, and pushed his groin into Haku’s hand. He broke off the kiss, and lightly nipped at Haku’s neck and collarbone, his hand joining Haku’s under the blankets to stroke the teen’s cock through his pants. Haku whimpered at the feeling of being touched by a hand other than his own, and the pleasant sensations from the mouth on him left him aching for more.


“Please, Zabuza… more?” he asked, wanting Zabuza’s strong hands, thin lips, and hot tongue all over his body.


Zabuza nodded. “Lay on your back,” he said huskily.


Haku complied, and Zabuza threw the covers aside, exposing them both to the cool air of the room. He straddled Haku’s legs and kissed him once more, before turning his attention to the young man’s nipples. He licked one while gently pinching the other, drawing a moan from Haku that made Haku throw his hand over his mouth.


Stopping for a moment and chuckling, Zabuza gently pulled Haku’s hand away from his mouth. “It’s all right. I want to hear you.” Without waiting for any reply, he returned to Haku’s nipples, less gentle now.


Haku moaned even louder as Zabuza pinched one nipple harder, rolling it between his fingers, and sucking and nipping at the other. He had never known that there was such a deep connection between his nipples and his cock, but what the older man was doing had made him harder than he thought was possible.

Zabuza must have noticed this, because he released Haku’s nipples and started kissing his way down the pale, flat stomach. When he reached the hem of Haku’s pants, he paused, and looked into the teen’s eyes.


“Please,” Haku whispered, almost desperately.


And that was all it took. Zabuza got off Haku and rid him of his pants, then gently pushed Haku’s legs open. Haku wondered why Zabuza didn’t take off his own pants, but all coherent thought flew out the window when Haku watched Zabuza surround Haku’s cock with his mouth. A needy whimper escaped Haku’s throat when Zabuza sucked at the sensitive tip, and Haku grabbed at Zabuza’s hair, just to have something to hold on to, to ground him to reality. Zabuza seemed to like it, as he groaned around Haku’s cock, which sent a shudder through Haku’s body.


Gripping one of Haku’s hipbones with one hand, Zabuza put more power into his suction, and alternated between taking Haku’s full length into his throat and flicking his tongue over the head. Within minutes, Haku’s breathing was ragged and he knew that he was reaching his peak.


“Soon… going to come…” Haku said breathlessly in warning, fingers still clenching Zabuza’s hair.


A few more flicks of Zabuza’s tongue at the sensitive underside of the head proved to be Haku’s undoing. He cried out as his orgasm tore through him and his release filled Zabuza’s mouth. The older man swallowed quickly, then released Haku’s cock from his mouth, and returned to Haku’s side to lie beside the panting teen. Zabuza gently rolled Haku onto his side so that they were once more chest to chest, and he pressed a soft kiss to Haku’s lips, then stroked his hair and back. Haku let out a happy sound that was almost a purr.


“Did you like that?”


Haku giggled. “Yes… was amazing.” He let himself bask in the afterglow and the comfort of being wrapped in Zabuza’s warmth.


He was just starting to drift off to sleep when he realized that he hadn’t done anything to take care of Zabuza’s erection. “Wait… what about you?”


Zabuza chuckled for the third time that night. “Don’t worry. We’ll take care of me next time. For now, just enjoy how you’re feeling, and let’s go to sleep.” He kissed Haku’s temple.


Haku sighed happily and snuggled even closer to Zabuza. There were three words that he wanted to say, but wasn’t sure what the response would be… and he was so very sleepy. So he contented himself with the fact that Zabuza had been so wonderfully tender, and hoped in his heart that this meant that Zabuza loved him. Looking forward to the morning, when he hoped to pay back his companion in kind, Haku drifted off to sleep in Zabuza’s arms.



There is more to come of these two, next week. I hope you enjoyed the story so far! Please leave a comment to tell me what you think!

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