Free Fiction Friday 13: Sleeping Arrangements Part Three (A Naruto Fanfiction)

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Welcome to this week’s post for! Today’s story is part three of four, and is a continuation of and
So if you want to read it (please heed the advisories) and missed last week, or the week before, start at the appropriate part! This section is a bit shorter than the previous ones.

It takes place in the same headcanon as the fanfic I posted during the first week ( I wrote this in the world of the anime/manga Naruto several years ago, and it’s been one of my most well-received stories to date, despite some potentially controversial content (underage sex and large age difference between partners – more explanation below). This story features Haku ( and Zabuza ( It is ambiguous in the canon of the series whether the two are lovers, but I like to think they are. This piece contains no major plot spoilers for the series, beyond a bit of Haku’s backstory, and can be understood without knowing the series.

One thing you should know before reading this story is that Haku is not typical for a young teen. In addition to a past that made him grow up very fast out of necessity, he has lived as an adult for years by the main plot of this piece. His accepted role in life is to be Zabuza’s weapon, killing for Zabuza and anyone who employs them. He is old beyond his years, has seen much and done much. And he is the one to initiate sex with Zabuza in this story, and Zabuza does not take unfair advantage of him. I don’t write underage sex lightly, especially when one partner is much older, so I wanted to address this before the story itself. I will understand anyone skipping the next few weeks of my FFF posts if they prefer not to read a relationship between people with this big of an age gap and the younger being fourteen.

Now that’s out of the way…

Naruto, the world, and characters, belong to Masashi Kishimoto and I made no profit from the writing or posting of this piece.

ADVISORIES/CATEGORIES: consensual sex between a 14-year-old young man and 24-year-old man, discussion of puberty, explicit sexual content (oral and anal), somewhat D/s relationship (Master/weapon is the best way to describe their relationship), M/M, mentions of violence.

Potentially unfamiliar terms: shinobi is the word for ninjas in this universe.

I hope you enjoy part three of Sleeping Arrangements! This is technically the first part of chapter 2 of 2, so I won’t start with anything from last week, but just get into the new part.

Haku awoke to find himself enveloped in warmth. This was nothing new, as he and Zabuza had slept together for years. There were several key differences this morning, though. For one, Haku wasn’t wearing the pants that he usually slept in. More importantly, this was the morning after the first time that he and Zabuza had been intimate. Haku smiled at the memory and snuggled closer into Zabuza’s chest. He felt a hand stroking his hair and realized that his lover was awake.


“Good morning,” Haku murmured, and leaned up to kiss Zabuza on the cheek.


Zabuza turned to face Haku and pressed a brief kiss to the younger man’s lips. “Good morning. Did you sleep well?”


“Better than any other time I can remember,” Haku said with a laugh.


“Good. Then I take it you don’t regret last night?” Zabuza asked, looking straight into Haku’s eyes.


Haku’s face grew serious. “I don’t regret it at all. I wanted it, wanted you. And I still want to experience more with you.”


“Good. Because you’re mine.” Zabuza kissed the teen fiercely, possessively.


Haku wondered exactly what Zabuza meant by “mine” at this moment. “My weapon”, “my lover”, or both? He pushed this question aside, allowing himself to get lost in the kiss.


When they broke apart, Zabuza said, “Give me a minute,” then left the bed and headed to the bathroom.


Haku closed his eyes, relaxing in the empty bed, until Zabuza returned, then the younger man took his own turn using the bathroom. When Haku came back to the bedroom, Zabuza was lying nude in the bed facing him, cock half erect, and the sheets were pushed aside. Haku took a moment to admire Zabuza’s muscular form, and felt himself begin to harden before getting back into bed. He lay beside Zabuza, looking into the older man’s eyes, not sure how to express his desires, which were still not fully formed in his mind.


“What do you want, Haku?” Zabuza asked, running his hand over Haku’s side and letting it rest on a hipbone.


After pondering a moment, Haku admitted, “I want to do for you what you did for me last night.”


“Remember what I said then? You have to be able to say what you mean if you want to do it.”


Haku blushed. “I want to suck your cock,” he said, feeling as though the words sounded odd coming from his mouth.


Zabuza didn’t seem to think so though, because he smirked and said, “I’d like that.” He rolled onto his back and spread his legs a bit so that the younger man would have easy access.


Haku followed Zabuza’s lead and knelt between his lover’s legs. He looked down at Zabuza’s now fully erect cock and licked his lips. He wasn’t sure that something that long would fit all the way into his mouth, but he would try his best to please Zabuza. He looked up at Zabuza for guidance, and the two pairs of brown eyes met.


“Go ahead,” Zabuza said huskily.


Haku leaned over and wrapped his lips around Zabuza’s cock, swirling his tongue around the head, remembering what had felt good to him the night before. He lowered his head, sucking a bit more of Zabuza’s length into his mouth, and licking the shaft as he went.


Zabuza let out a hum of pleasure, and his fingers tangled in Haku’s hair, tugging gently. “Good boy,” the older man said with a groan.


Haku moaned around Zabuza’s erection, discovering that he liked it when his hair was pulled. His own cock was already leaking precome and aching to be touched, but he was doing his best to concentrate on the task at hand. He continued to suck and lick, finding a rhythm of bobbing his head, sucking on the way up, and licking over the cockhead before sinking down again. After not much time, his jaw began to get tired, and he had trouble keeping up the pace.


“Enough,” Zabuza growled.

And I’m leaving you there because I’m eeeevil. *cackles gleefully* Seriously, though, there’s one more part and I’ll post it next week. I hope you enjoyed the story so far! Please leave a comment to tell me what you think!

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