Free Fiction Friday 14: Sleeping Arrangements Part Four (A Naruto Fanfiction)

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Welcome to yet another post! Today’s story is the fourth and final part of Sleeping Arrangements.
The previous parts can be found at the following links:
If you’d like to read this post (please heed the advisories, they’re important) and missed any of the last three week’s posts, make sure to get caught up!

Leaving the rest of the same intro text from before, feel free to scroll past if you’ve read it in a previous week. This story takes place in the same headcanon as the fanfic I posted during the first week ( I wrote this in the world of the anime/manga Naruto several years ago, and it’s been one of my most well-received stories to date, despite some potentially controversial content (underage sex and large age difference between partners – more explanation below). This story features Haku ( and Zabuza ( It is ambiguous in the canon of the series whether the two are lovers, but I like to think they are. This piece contains no major plot spoilers for the series, beyond a bit of Haku’s backstory, and can be understood without knowing the series.

One thing you should know before reading this story is that Haku is not typical for a young teen. In addition to a past that made him grow up very fast out of necessity, he has lived as an adult for years by the main plot of this piece. His accepted role in life is to be Zabuza’s weapon, killing for Zabuza and anyone who employs them. He is old beyond his years, has seen much and done much. And he is the one to initiate sex with Zabuza in this story, and Zabuza does not take unfair advantage of him. I don’t write underage sex lightly, especially when one partner is much older, so I wanted to address this before the story itself. I will understand anyone skipping the next few weeks of my FFF posts if they prefer not to read a relationship between people with this big of an age gap and the younger being fourteen.

Now that’s out of the way…

Naruto, the world, and characters, belong to Masashi Kishimoto and I made no profit from the writing or posting of this piece.


ADVISORIES/CATEGORIES: consensual sex between a 14-year-old young man and 24-year-old man, discussion of puberty, explicit sexual content (oral and anal), somewhat D/s relationship (Master/weapon is the best way to describe their relationship), M/M, mentions of violence.


Potentially unfamiliar terms: shinobi is the word for ninjas in this universe.


I hope you enjoy the final part of Sleeping Arrangements! I’ve started it off with the last line of the previous post for context.


“Enough,” Zabuza growled.


Haku released Zabuza’s cock from his mouth, and sat up, looking down at the older man quizzically. “Did I do something wrong?”


Zabuza answered by sitting up and kissing Haku greedily, his tongue thrusting into the younger man’s mouth. Haku returned the kiss eagerly, glad that he hadn’t made a mistake, and that Zabuza still wanted him.


“Want to fuck you,” Zabuza said when their lips parted. He looked into Haku’s eyes, checking for any signs of trepidation or distaste.


Haku merely nodded eagerly, and moved from between Zabuza’s legs to lie on his back. “Is this okay?”


“Perfect,” Zabuza said, running his hand down Haku’s stomach and giving Haku’s cock a light stroke.


Haku let out a small noise of pleasure, pushing his hips up in hopes of more touches, but the older man withdrew his hand. Zabuza reached over to the nightstand, pulled a small jar of salve from the drawer, and coated two fingers with the substance. “Spread your legs for me,” he said.


Haku complied, and Zabuza repositioned himself between the younger man’s legs. “This may feel strange, but it shouldn’t hurt,” he said.


Haku’s breath hitched when a cool finger circled his asshole, then pushed gently inside. The salve allowed Zabuza to ease the finger into Haku’s tight heat, and the older man slowly pushed his finger in and out. It did feel a bit strange to Haku, but when that finger crooked upward, hitting a bundle of nerves, Haku gasped in surprise at the pleasure, and Zabuza continued to stroke the sensitive spot.


“Like that, do you?” Zabuza asked with a grin. “Want more?”


“Yes… more… please,” Haku said breathily.


Zabuza added a second finger to the first, stretching Haku further. The fingers still felt somewhat alien, but Haku couldn’t deny that the pressure against his prostate was driving him wild, and making his cock even harder.


“Need you,” Haku said. “Fu-fuck me? Please?”


Zabuza laughed when Haku stumbled over the profanity, and kissed him. “Not yet, Haku. Need you nice and ready for me.” He used his free hand to stroke Haku’s erection as he continued to stretch him.


Just as Haku was about to warn Zabuza that he would come from this alone if the older man didn’t stop, Zabuza’s hands left him. Haku watched through lust-glazed eyes as Zabuza slicked his cock with salve and positioned himself at Haku’s entrance.


One more look between them, no words needed, and Zabuza slowly pushed himself into Haku’s willing body. Haku gasped. Zabuza’s fingers were nothing compared to this sensation of being so utterly filled, both stretched wide and filled deep. Haku looked up at Zabuza with pleading eyes, wanting the older man to move.


Zabuza got the signal, and pulled out slightly before reburying himself to the hilt. Haku groaned, and grabbed Zabuza’s shoulders, painted nails sinking into flesh, making crescent shaped marks.


Realizing that he might have hurt Zabuza, Haku let go and muttered a quick “sorry”.


“It’s okay, you can hold on,” Zabuza said with a laugh, and continued thrusting, taking his own pleasure from the young man beneath him. “You feel so good.”


Haku moaned with pleasure, both from the compliment and from the rubbing of Zabuza’s cock against his sensitive prostate. He threw his arms around Zabuza’s broad back, barely noticing the sounds that escaped his throat as Zabuza pounded into him. He was trapped in simply feeling Zabuza inside of him, on top of him, thrusting and making his own noises of pleasure. Haku couldn’t have guessed how long it was before he was nearing his breaking point.


“Ahhh… so good… so close…. love you…” Haku babbled, waves of pleasure coursing through his body.


“Come for me,” Zabuza growled.


Within moments, Haku did, letting out an “ohhh!” as he reached his peak and came in spurts between their bodies.


It only took Zabuza a few more thrusts before he was driven over the edge, and he bit down hard on Haku’s shoulder as he came deep inside of his lover.


Haku let out a small whimper at the pain of the bite, but he relished it all the same. He hugged Zabuza even tighter to him, wanting to be as close as possible.


They lay there for a while, breathing ragged. Zabuza pulled out and rolled onto his side, gathering the younger man up in his arms and petting his hair and back. Haku sighed happily and nuzzled Zabuza’s neck.


“Did you mean what you said?” Zabuza asked after a few minutes, when they had come down from their orgasms.


“Hmmm?” Haku asked, not sure at first Zabuza meant. Then it dawned on him – Zabuza could only be referring to one thing. Haku had said that he loved the older man. He pulled back slightly so that he could look into Zabuza’s eyes.


“Yes, I meant it. I… I love you, Zabuza,” Haku said, looking up at Zabuza adoringly.


“Good,” Zabuza replied with a smile, kissing Haku on the forehead.


And Haku somehow knew that the single word meant that Zabuza loved him too, in his own way.



And, we’ll leave the two of them there. I truly hope you enjoyed this story, and I welcome comments!

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