Privacy Policy

I may collect your data, with your consent, to send you new information–including, but not limited to–blog posts, updates, new releases, giveaways, and free fiction; and to post your comments to the website/blog.

The only data I will collect for blog updates is your email address. Comment form information–name, email, website, and comment–will only be used for the purposes of providing comments for the post/page. You may opt to save this information in the browser for later, but this is not required.

I will never share your information with anyone else nor will I sell it for any reason. All data will stay with me and only me.

I will store this information for five years on the data processor of choice (WordPress), after which all data will be deleted. If you want to keep receiving the information after that time is up, you will need to resubscribe at that time. I’ll email you in advance to remind you.

Any contact via email will be deleted after the email conversation is finished, unless otherwise explicitly stated/agreed to by the reader/visitor.

If you wish to have your data deleted at any time, please email


(This page added May 25, 2018 in compliance with GDPR)

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