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An update of some substance, with links to content!

Greetings! Folks who follow me on Twitter or Facebook may know I’m still around, occasionally posting a tweet or status. But I haven’t updated this site in over a year because there’s not been much to say. Except completely dropped the ball on sharing one relevant thing here – my first time doing voice work for someone else.

Last fall, I narrated a story by Nobilis Reed for the most prolific spec fic erotica podcast in the known universe (The Nobilis Erotica Podcast, which anyone who enjoys erotic speculative fiction should check out). It’s an erotic F/M BDSM piece in the Metamor City shared universe, and I had a lot of fun recording it. Listen here if you’re so inclined! And if you like the podcast, consider supporting Nobilis’s Patreon to pay the authors and voice talent who write and voice the stories. When it gets up to a hundred patrons, Nobilis will be commissioning art to go with each Patron-sponsored episode (and there are already great perks like a fun Patrons-exclusive serial, Bra of Holding).

I also had a bit part in Chris Lester’s noir/crime spec-fic audio drama recorded live at Balticon 50 (also in the Metamor City universe). I think it will be airing soonish on the Chris Lester’s current podcast, The Raven & the Writing Desk (though it’s already available for download to patrons of Chris’s Patreon, which you should check out if you like his stuff). [UPDATE: The audio drama is now available on the main podcast at TRATWD Episode 90]

That reminds me, I was going to do a post-Balticon writeup but never did. Now that it’s three months later, I don’t think I’m going to. I want to get back to my fiction. I went over a year without writing a word of fiction (between mid June 2015 and a few days ago), which is extremely anomalous for me. I am not the type of person to write daily, but I want to get back into writing at a rate that feels right, and get my stories out. The bit I wrote the other day is for a fanfiction RP so it’s likely nobody but my RP buddy will see it, but I have so many projects that I want to work on and share with others. It may be slow, especially because I have a longer audio project that I want to prioritize, and I spend a lot of my free time doing things related more to my day job (hey, I need to research sex toys and read sex blogs outside of work to stay current). I’ve learned that being flexible is important, and that it’s ok that my priorities have shifted such that I care about narrating others’ stories more than writing my own at times.

Anyway. Thanks to anyone who read this and hopefully I’ll have more of interest to post soonish. I don’t intend to post lots if I don’t have much to share.

Take care!

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