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Hi folks! I just finished the first draft of my first original story in eight years. I meant to get this post done earlier, but the story has been consuming my thoughts and time. I was tagged by http://rupured.com/ to post this by the 14th. It’s technically the 15th where I am now, but better late than never, for a simple blog post on my own site, right?

What am I working on?

I just (as in, an hour or so ago) finished the first draft of an urban fantasy erotic romance story that I’m submitting to an anthology. It’s ~8500 words currently but the limit for the anthology is 8000, so I’ll be cutting the fat, so to speak. I sent it to a few beta readers and will be looking at their suggestions and editing in the morning, then sending it off, because the deadline is tomorrow (procrastination? what’s that?).

Sugar and Spice is in a world very similar to ours. The only difference is that magic and mages exist, though not everyone knows about them. It is the story of a transgender woman with a career in graphic design who decides to take a gamble and buy and take a magic potion to undergo a transformation to change her body’s sex. Her partner, a cisgender woman, is a loving and supportive barista. They have a bit of a sexual switching dynamic, sort of a D/s lite type of deal. I classify this story as erotica. Yes, there’s a plot, and conflict, but there are two sex scenes in the story that take up a big portion of the wordcount. One is pre-transformation, and one is post-transformation. One is in their shower, and the second is in the locked office of the coffee shop where the cisgender woman works. There are some references to pumpkin spice lattes that make me glad that it’s pumpkin spice season. I plan on treating myself to one tomorrow if I can find a place that has sugar free syrup.

This story really surprised me, because is nothing at all like what I thought my first piece for submission would be. I temporarily put aside my idea for a M/M/M BDSM polyamory novel (which I’ll still be writing, with two others authors) when I had several inspirations at once for this story. I wanted to have a bit of a focus before writing, and decide where to submit it before writing it, so I looked at Cirlet Press’ website. I’ve been listening to a lot of their stories on the Nobilis Erotica Podcast (http://nobilis.libsyn.com) and have learned they are a good company to work for, so I decided to look into their calls for submission. The one for the Coffee – Hot anthology seemed like it would work quite well for my story; all I had to do was weave the coffee theme into the setting.

How does my work differ from others in its genre?

This is a tricky question to answer because I don’t stick to one genre, exactly. Most of what I’ve written over the last eight years has a sexual or romantic element to it, but some of what I write is humor, some is erotica, some is romance. Sometimes it’s hard to tell if my romance counts as erotica or not, because even when I write a story with a heavy focus on plot and emotion, there’s still plenty of steamy sex. That being said, I think my work is different from a lot of others in a few ways.

I plan to write all kinds of gender combinations in my stories. A lot of people stick to M/M or M/F or F/F… not me. I’ve written M/M, M/F, F/F, and M/M/M so far. I have written a transgender character, as I described above. I plan to continue to write all kinds of relationships and characters that fall under the LGBTQetc rainbow… and some heterosexual stuff too. I prefer to be inclusive rather than exclusive. It’s funny, though, because I spent years writing M/M exclusively, but returned to my M/F roots when I had a dream that just had to be written as a story. Since then, everything was M/M again for a few years, until some recent nonfiction that I wrote based on personal experience (M/F and F/F/M).

I’ve written polyamory and BDSM/kinky stories. I plan to continue to write both, sometimes in the same story. The difference between me and some other authors in this regard is that I actually practice BDSM/kink, and am in an open relationship where multiple romantic partnerships are on the table as a possibility. Poly and kinky are not always intertwined, but they can be, and I’m writing about them together because I learned about both at the same time. Because of my involvement in the kink scene, I know a lot about polyamory, from talking to friends who have been navigating the world of ethical nonmonogamy. And even if there’s an activity in BDSM that I’ve never done myself that I’m interested in writing about, I probably know someone who’s tried it and can ask them about it.

I am absolutely unapologetic about writing extremely graphic titillating sex scenes. Even my sweet, fluffy romance has smut in it, and I’m proud of it. I see that from some other authors, but not a huge number of them.

I write some relationship dynamics that are taboo. or at the least make some people uncomfortable. One of my most popular fanfiction stories deals with a teenager seducing a man over ten years his senior, who has a position of authority over him. I’ve also written some things that, were they not fiction, would be illegal to do in real life *wicked grin*.
Why do I write what I do?

Quite simply, because it’s fun. I like writing sex. I like writing interpersonal interactions and intrapersonal musings. I like writing silly dialogue. I like writing angst. I like writing romance.

How does my writing process work?

It depends on what I’m writing and on my mood. For short pieces, sometimes I just sit at the computer, start at the beginning, and write until the story’s done in one sitting. For longer pieces, I often write outlines (anywhere from a few phrases for each scene to full descriptive summaries) and then flesh out the prose of individual sections, not necessarily in order. For example, for my first longish fanfiction piece (about 10,000 words), I started in the early middle, skipped to the early bit of the end, then moved on to the beginning, and filled in the gaps afterwards. I can write linearly, but if I’m writing on my own rather than collaboratively, I like having the freedom to bounce around as inspired, jotting down phrases and sentences that I like for different parts of the story and coming back to them later.

Also, I usually write on the computer. Occasionally I’ll handwrite, but I type much faster, so if a computer is available, I’ll use it.

Who’s next on the blog hop?

Sometime the week of September 15, the hop continues with these stops:





To hop backward, head to http://rupured.com/2014/09/fabulous-five-blog-hop/ where I’m tagged. Thanks for reading! Now I’m off to sleep! It’s past my bedtime.

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  1. Can I just say that I’m so proud of you for finishing Sugar&Spice and having the daring to post it to a publisher. You can do it!


    • Thank you, dear! I’ve been so busy and overwhelmed that I didn’t even think to invite you to read it early… You interested? Looking forward to reading your post, I see it’s up. And I need to reply to your email, eep.Thanks for your patience. My regular job is so busy nowadays…


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